Rick a.k.a XXL LAVA TEAM launched his musical career at 18 years old getting his motivation from watching his mother struggle to the fullest.

He says “She’s sleeping at work, my motivation comes from wanting the world to know a difference and expose heartbreak”.

 XXL LAVA TEAM describes his childhood as being a major influence on his career saying “I grew up in a single parent household with two fake sisters. My motivation also comes from nobody loving me or respecting me at my lowest and wanting to see a change in peoples faces and body language”.

XXL LAVA TEAM was in a high school band for years and felt isolated, but the music and beats stuck and he found influence in artists like Kevin Gates, Young Thug, Boosie, yfn lucci, Lil Wayne and more. 

Rolling up a strong mix of uplifting soulful ‘Seal’ esque vocals and an efficient modern spit with attitude to die for, ‘XXL LAVA TEAM’ drops ‘Start Ova’ with it’s melodic, grand, upfront Trap vibes.  – Citybeats

XXL LAVA TEAM has created three 6 track E.P’s since he began recording at the age of 18 and his debut release ‘NTS’ was his breakthrough drop demonstrating his skills and why he is predicted to be the hottest new name on everybody’s lips, already being described as the “Best Music Artist in Toledo”.

 XXL LAVA TEAM states “I’ve got the flair, the style, but most importantly, I’ve got the music to make you move”.

XXL LAVA TEAM talks further about his career, inspiration and musical rise. 

Locale has always been a major inspiration for great music artists of the past, and Toledo has been no different for me. I’ve created a whole new dimension to music, with each new track even better than the last. With music perfect for everyday listening or getting you hyped for a night out, you can be sure I’m going to be the next big thing.


If you think music has become stagnant in the past decade, you’re simply searching in the wrong place, listening to the wrong kind of artists. But your search has now come to an end; my signature musical style elevates the genre to a whole new level.

Check out my tracks for a peek into a new era of banging tunes – you’ll be grooving for the entirety of your train journey home. And if you like what you hear?

xxl lava 2

Get in touch and I’ll see about arranging a show in your city as soon as possible. My music is truly an out-of-body experience when performed live.



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