‘This Gift’ (TikTok Version) is the new single from Mike Apt. A native Texan, Mike Apt has been playing music for the majority of his life, starting with piano lessons at age 5. Mike Apt grew up in a musical household, where his mother played the piano, and his father played the guitar, both of them sing as well. While it has always been a hobby of his, Mike began finding passion in creating music in 2022. Mike Apt has created around himself a dynamic and talented team of artists & producers, they are all excited for the opportunity to share his passion and their shared music together.

@mike.apt Replying to @majorswife I wrote the lyrics to this song, using all the notes my parents wrote to each other for the past 30+ years #lovestory #Love #valentinesday #singersongwriter ♬ original sound – Mike Apt

Tell us the story of your new single ‘This Gift‘?

“The first Christmas my parents were together they were very poor and they couldn’t afford Christmas gifts, so my dad went around town and found an empty box. The red one from the album cover. And wrote my mom a note saying the the best gift he could give her was his love. And no matter what he would always give it to her. The next Christmas she gave the same box back to him. and they have not missed giving the box back and forth for over 30 years. This last Christmas I posted a TikTok video about this story and it got over 1.1Million views, so I made another TikTok video saying that i was going to write a song about it, and that one got 123K views, so I made the song!”.



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