Who’Me?’s latest release, “What’s Your Sign” sets the Afrobeats scene ablaze with its irresistible energy. Renowned for crafting music that radiates positivity and uplifting vibes, Who’Me? draws inspiration from the universal frequencies that unite us all. Through his artistry, he celebrates his heritage while embracing individuals from every corner of the globe. He firmly champions the belief that love is the most potent force on our planet, and he skillfully harnesses its power to convey messages that deeply resonate with both his audience and the fairer sex, creating an auditory journey guaranteed to captivate and elevate spirits.

But what’s the narrative woven into “What’s Your Sign”?

What’s Your Sign’ serves as a playful conversation starter within the song—a gateway to forming a connection. However, as you get to know the person, doubts about whether they’re your soulmate start to surface. Nevertheless, you express your willingness to patiently explore and discover. You bare your emotions, recognizing that after a period of discovery and adventure, you can’t imagine a life without them.”

What fuels your creative inspiration in the realm of music?

“My musical compass is guided by a single principle: the propagation of positivity. I draw my creative spark from the universal energies enveloping us, with a mission to honor my heritage while embracing people from every corner of the globe. Love, in my view, stands as the most extraordinary force our world possesses. It possesses the remarkable capacity to mend and instantaneously transform minds and hearts. When love permeates the atmosphere, it brings serenity and harmony. By living through love, you can shield yourself from the negative forces that seek to breed hatred. My songs delve into themes of love, joy, sensuality, ardor, and happiness—all the splendid facets of life. I articulate the desires of both men and women, sharing the words they yearn to hear and the emotions they crave in their lives.”

Experience the enchantment of Who’Me?’s sensational new Afrobeats single, “What’s Your Sign” available now on all major platforms. Embark on a journey of love, joy, and connection through the enchanting magic of music.


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