Hip-hop has long been criticized for promoting a negative lifestyle, but Da-Mind takes a different approach. He envisions a path distinct from the rest. Rather than being attracted to rappers flaunting expensive chains, clothes, and a life of luxury, James is drawn to the essence of the culture itself. He aims to initiate change and bring positivity out of the dark underbelly of hip-hop. Da-Mind’s message is one that deserves everyone’s attention.

Da-Mind communicates to his audience that the street life merely serves to destroy lives and perpetuate negativity from all angles. Shifting one’s mindset is a challenge, but music has the power to transcend those barriers and impart knowledge to the listener. Da-Mind speaks on behalf of the streets, narrating stories we adore, but shedding light on a completely different aspect of what we commonly understand as “hip-hop”. Life lessons have brought Bussey to this point.

With a passion for change, Da-Mind appeals to audiences hungry for the wisdom possessed by this talented young artist. By doing what he loves and introducing a fresh perspective to the culture, his movement appears boundless. However, with the right mindset, passion, and dedication, the effort will prove worthwhile and leave a global impact. Da-Mind knows the challenges that lie ahead on his journey, but he embraces them. When like-minded individuals come together, the message becomes crystal clear. Immerse yourself in the world of Da-Mind through his latest single, ‘Dat Ain’t Cool’.





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