Like a rocket shooting up high into space, the sensational artist Ravoshia which is pronounced ‘Raa-vash-shia’ is skyrocketing with her latest single Fashion Killa.

It is launching into great heights with its new found regards playing on some popular radio stations in the U.S.A and here in the United Kingdom. Additionally, extending over to European, and Canadian territories.

Her record is a standout and game changer. Its music video has now gained over 153,000 views.

It was produced by a very dope producer that goes by the name DJ King.

Ravoshia states:

“When I first heard the music I fell in love with the edgy and distinctive sound it had.” And the rest is history.”


CITYBEATS LUXURY FEMTRAP BEATS: ‘Ravoshia’ lets loose some dark, powerful, entrancing synthesiser and eastern tinged world vibes on her ravishing ‘Fashion Killa’ – Citybeats UK

On the other hand, while Fashion killa is buzzing up and available on all platforms, she is gearing up to release her next single called Mastermind that will be coming in the fall.

Fashion Killa Cover Artwork


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