Alternative Hip-Hop artist and rapper XTREAMX is based in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.

XTREAMX delivers an edgy and real life Rap Trap Hip-Hop life story through his efficient catchy rhymes, beats and spit.

XTREAMX shares real life facts, emotions and events from his life with hypnotic, dark, chilled and haunting Hip-Hop productions.   

XTREAMX recently Joined friends on the streets producing a music video for his single “Been in my feelings”. 

XTREAMX drops a contemporary Rap Hip-Hop meets Trap and Grime sound with a classic Hip-Hop vibe and atmospheric soundscapes, fusing beats and dreamy emotional raps with true life stories.

XTREAMX has a freestyle vocal method that spits out struggle, hardship and the reality of life with a catchy positive and defiant side. His rhymes stick in your head and have a Grime vibe and twist.

Spitting about the Big Brother pressure of society, money, mental pain, family difficulties and real life doesn’t stop XTREAMX from emanating a powerful sense of self-belief and determination that sets him up for big things.

The new single “Been in my feelings” from XTREAMX is out now globally along with other new material from this prolific Rapper and artist.

XTREAMX recently publicly thanked his fans, street crew and friends saying “Huge special thanks to my best friends for helping me out with the video. You guys are the best”.

XStreamX artwork