Los Angeles-based r&b artist, Masina, is delighted to share her new  single ​“Smoke​”​, that was released January 29th, 2020.

The song  explores her deepest feelings and emotions with a nostalgic  groove.

Smoke ​is the anthem of your everyday ghost story; you find  someone in life that grabs your attention, you give in to hoping for  a sustainable future and then they suddenly turn into smoke  before your very eyes.  With the support of the music video for this  track, Masina is able to portray her emotions and bring every aspect of this story to life.

In the music video we’re able to be a  part of the journey from beginning to end but we also get a  glimpse of her soul . She reminds us just how much we don’t show  how weak things make us feel.  ​Smoke ​exudes sex appeal while  maintaining a vulnerable narrative that shares the sultry side of  Masina’s songwriting.

Smoke Coverofficial

Masina is a contemporary R&B Singer/Songwriter rising up to  compete with the best.

CITYBEATS SEXIEST BEATS OF 2020: Oozing a lush, love sound, that tantalises with Supreme care and devotion, as the classiest drop of 2020 called ‘Smoke’ from Masina’ slips onto global platforms – Citybeats UK

Originally from Hawaii, she moved to Los Angeles with a burning passion; determined to ultimately make  her mark not only in the LA music scene, but as a worldwide artist.

Masina has proved herself a musical virtuoso with her ability to  take us on a journey with this debut track, and we can’t wait to see  what else she has to offer artistically in her upcoming EP  “Storyteller”, that’s set to release on July 30th, 2020.


In the meantime, check out ​her single, watch her music video and  follow Masina online for new music updates and content releases:


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