Andrea Desmond is back as the rising artist releases “Back When You Loved Me” just in time for the summer.

Back When You Loved Me” by Andrea Desmond is an electropop Top 40 hit, sure to get you feeling good and reminiscing on the good times.

When asked about the new single, Andrea Desmond said;

“What this world could use right now is positive inspiration”

Andrea Desmond lifts her listeners’ spirits during tough times.

Andrea Desmond has been prolific in releasing a lot of material lately, and each one sounds more and more like a Billboard hit.

Andrea Desmond has a history of hitting the Digital Radio Tracker charts, and with the catchy pop breakdowns of “Back When You Loved Me“. We expect this song to hit as well.

album cover

CITYBEATS LOCKDOWN 2020 HIT PREDICTIONS: ‘Andrea Desmond’ drops a pop diamond with an ethereal, tropical pop vibe that is Top of the Pops with locked down music fans on the wonderful ‘Taylor Swift’ esque ‘Back When You Loved Me’ – Citybeats UK


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