Lights, Camera, Action.

‘Angelle’ has arrived with her brand new single ‘Studio 54’.

Angelle’s new single, “Studio 54” will bring light to the sound of pop/dance music.

Studio 54 by Angelle is a sleek, classy, sexy, melodic and powerful new disco meets 80’s single.

Already compared to the likes of The Weather Girls, Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer and Lizzo by in the UK, Angelle is taking the global pop/dance world by storm.

Studio 54” is so futuristic it makes you forget what year or date it was released.

Studio 54’ is a distinctive and fresh blend of poptastic 70’s meets 80’s groove, delicious melody, sweet synth bleeps and beautiful soulful vocals.


CITYBEATS BEST NEW DIVAS OF 2020: ‘Angelle’ empowers and delights fans with her incredible disco sheen, bleepy synth hooks and classic ‘Higher’ sound on ‘Studio 54’ – Citybeats UK

This has tons of personality and sounds like a new pop classic, it stays in your head and provokes you with sweet melody, into dancing to your fullest.

Studio 54 sheds light on being a queen, embracing flaws to all demographics: thick women, independent women, women in general, anyone struggling with body image, people who are single, people who wish to become single.

Love yourself is the motto Studio 54 is officially released.!

studio 54



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