Celiane The Voice is an otherworldly artist.

This omni-talent has created her own lane in the entertainment industry. Her unique style captivates audiences in the US and abroad. Her carefully curated caricature mesmerizes her fans—one artful aesthetic at a time!

Celiane the Voice is an artist with an operatic voice, an electronic soul, and a vision that blends seemingly disparate musical styles and pours them into a unique vision of technology and soul. Her art is an answer to what she sees as the mechanizing of humanity.

“I notice how institutions are trying to mechanize the mind of humankind.  So I use a visual representation of this when I perform.  I just made it something beautiful.  I call it being a techno-human.   We have technology that we are using that we really don’t understand but being made to be a slave to it.  We now have sex bots, which were addressed in my favourite anime, “Ghost In The Shell“. 


At what point with technology do we lose who we are?  At what point are we no longer spirit and human? My art form explores love, consciousness, breaking free and what that all really means.”

‘Celiane The Voice’ has landed and brings with her a brand new “Electronica Hip-Hopera” sound with a rich, stylish, soulful, space age production on ‘Why Can’t You’  – Citybeats UK

Celiane sees technology as a tool, a pathway into a future where it serves the elevation of humankind – not the other way around. Blending the technological with the human while keeping our souls and connection is where true freedom lies and her music, which she dubs “Electronica Hip-Hopera“, is the vehicle to drive people to that promise land where we reach our full potential.

And, along with her unique sound, comes a unique look. Blending metal tones with a bright color palette, the influences of anime and video games are clear in her aesthetic. Her art is complete, both audibly and visually.  She embodies the comic book heroes she admires with her art.


“I love comic books, anime, manga, video games…I love the creative side of technology because it can do so much good. So part of that was deliberate.  I am a firm believer in the power of the music behind the words.  Beats create a unique feeling in a body, along with frequencies and words.  Together creates a magic that can’t be described.”

Celiane the Voice hopes to connect with fans, meet follow artists, add her story to the collective creative, and participate in a showcase of black excellence.

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To learn more about this amazing artist, please visit: http://www.celianethevoice.com

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