Oozing with charm and charisma, Alexander James Rodriguez has just released his third single ‘Up To You’ – filled with hope and good vibes. His first two singles, ‘My Crew’ and ‘Your Smile’ have reached over 260,000 streams on Spotify and counting. We caught up with the teen to talk ‘Up To You’ and life in the music lane.

Congratulations on all your successes so far! We are thrilled to see your streaming numbers soaring.

Can you tell us about your new record ‘Up To You’?

Thank you for saying so. When we heard the music for ‘Up To You’, we knew instantly it would be a motivational song that could help people through troubled times. We had a couple of melodies but settled on a simpler version. We only had a choir and gathering chant in mind throughout the process, it really was a Covid-19 – we can get through this song from the beginning.

What do you want people to take from the song?

I want to help and inspire people during these challenging times. I really want people to hear Up To You and feel motivated to achieve anything and everything. I think the song could be a great team sport anthem or graduation song. I just want people to love themselves and those around them by the time the song ends.

Your first two single releases are doing seriously well on the streaming services. Congratulations!

It’s like a dream come true. ‘My Crew’ and ‘Your Smile’ have already reached over 260k streams on Spotify. I honestly cannot thank people enough for listening to my music and being so supportive. It’s no secret I have been an actor for many years now, but music is so new to me. The response has been unbelievable.

Any advice you can pass on?

I am so new out here doing what I can, promoting my music, I am not sure I am qualified to give advice, but I will say that if you love something, do it and do it your way and the best you can. There is no hard or fast rule or quick fix – it really just takes patience, time, and a whole lot of effort.

‘Up To You’ from Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez is currently out and available for download on all digital streaming platforms.








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