Zizzo World, the UK based Pop artist bringing his influences from London into the Pop Scene. Following the release of his latest single ‘Phenomenal’ and “Hate You Now” accumulating over 250K Streams on Spotify, Zizzo World brings you ‘Bidaya’. His music charted in the Shazam Top 100 Charts in South Korea at #6 and has seen the light of the iTunes Top 40 Charts in several countries.

Bidaya, meaning Goodbye in bangla language, brings acoustic pop vibes combined with a reggaeton influenced rhythm.

‘Zizzo World’ releases a wow factor record with the dreamy world pop gem ‘Bidaya’ coming out on 9 April 2020- Citybeats UK

When asked about the meaning behind the track Zizzo World says:

“There is a certain amount of insanity that almost always comes with making a record. One day I may feel like a sensitive songwriter who aims to inspire people through my vulnerability – pure love. Then, other days I am convinced that not too many are in about that. Once I work through that mess, there is usually a sense of peace and indifference about music all together. It’s so strange to me. But I love the results and hope you will enjoy it too”.

Zizzo World is definitely proving one to watch, with his debut album in the works and plans to tour the UK in the near future.

With his 2020 vision in check, Zizzo World is well on the way to making an impact with his unique twist on the Pop genre. You don’t want to miss this!





Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/artistzizzo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/serjezizzo

Website: www.zizzoworld.com

Spotify Track URL: http://open.spotify.com/album/2SbPdwQkqEYQVQrmkbqaof

Pre-Save: https://ffm.to/bidaya

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