Las Vegas has always had quite the reputation. This is the heart of luxury, but also of good vibes. The city brings to mind class and elegance, but also excess, and a time to remember. And that’s perhaps why it’s said that everyone should go to Vegas, at least once, in their life. With the current pandemic and the related restrictions, that can be a little tricky at the moment, but that’s what they make music for.

The latest hit single, fresh from beloved artist Wendinmi, and appropriately entitled “Welcome to Vegas” is just the ticket you need to have a good time this week. The tune, which carries distinctive traces of afrobeat, will transport you to Las Vegas in an instant, from the very first few notes. And don’t worry, you’ll know that unmistakable Las Vegas air even if you’ve never been there before.

Done in collaboration with Ryan Jada, “Welcome to Vegas” invites you to use your imagination. Just close your eyes, and allow your problems to evaporate. Feel good, because Heaven knows, we all need that, after the insane year that the entire world has had. And that’s exactly what Wendinmi manages to do – he makes you happy, even when you weren’t feeling it, maybe. Especially then.

“Welcome to Vegas” is one of those instant hits that’ll linger in the mind long after the song itself is over. It’s the type of tune you pop on when you need a little pick-me-up. It will definitely put you in the mood for a road trip, a party, or even an afternoon of hanging out and chilling with your closest friends. It’s a thoroughly happy song, that will no doubt get you hyped, and feeling glad to be alive. And how many songs do you know that have that effect?

That’s why you need to check out “Welcome to Vegas” immediately – life’s too short to miss out on great songs.