The Lincoln Experience  a.k.a Herbert Manning is a writer, producer & performer who was born in West London.

Herbert grew up in the 1950’s in Soho of London, spending his time roaming the opium fuelled jazz clubs, gaining a sleepy conscious to mayhem & constraint in the fractions of impulsive expressionism. He says “My mother being a Lady of the Night vaguely believes my father to be a German cobbler working in the area around about that time”.

In the 70’s Herb spent his time cleaning up on the lazy love yearning of the disco Era with hippy hipsters flaring freedom in a Zeppelin joint and nearly had a nervous breakdown.

Through the 80’s and beyond and after too much electro power, Herbert skipped halfway across the world and is his own words “lost myself to psychedelia and an Indian peace movement where I found Buddha, now very much the calmer twilight, I have a silver lining this silver lining is the link to  experience tenacity and faith  in its purest”. This marked the birth of ‘The Lincoln Experience’.

The Lincoln Experience is a one man band with Herbert writing, singing and producing all material and describing himelf as “Soul contributor, creator & acting illuminaire of The Lincoln Experience”.


The Lincoln Experience have so far produced over 400 tracks with the brand new single ‘Corinthian’ out now.


Twitter @TheLincolnEx

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