If they tell you you can’t do it, walk away. If you can’t find a way to make your dream happen, then make a way. Tshepo AKA Cryptkeeper is a hip hop artist, producer and entrepreneur living in South Africa. His mix tape ‘Mind The Hill’ is about to be released, and it’s preceded by the smash hit “Will you Be There FT Justino”


Tshepo Mogase is a self-made, self-produced, self-reliant musical entrepreneur. Flying under the name ‘Crypt Keeper’ when he takes on the role of artist and ‘Allied Forces’ when he is in the producer seat, his combined love / passion and talent for his craft is an Iron Clad devotion.

Hailing from a small village in the Northwest of South Africa, Tshepo AKA Crypt Keeper / Allied Forces started rapping at the age of 14. He recalls a time when he performed and he heard an echo of people cheering. It was this moment that he realized what his life’s calling was. His musical journey has brought him here – the release of his brand new Project ‘Mind The Hill’ which features the first single ‘Will You Be There?’

‘Will You Be There?’ is a song inspired by real life issues and questions. Tshepo notes “Where I live there are a ton of talented people but not a whole lot of success stories, so once anyone rises a little everybody rushes at them to have a piece. I wrote the song once I started seeing all the new attention people were giving me. The question became “Will You Be There?” if I didn’t have any further success.

‘Will You Be There?’ features Crypt Keeper’s best friend Justino, a duo who have been performing together since 2003. “We really work well together and understand each other’s vision, so it was an easy decision to make to colab on this track” says Tshepo.

The Name Crypt Keeper; Allied Forces is inspired by the ‘Tales of the Crypt Keeper’ comics. The combination of fairytales with zombies and ghouls excited Tshepo’s 11 year old brain and he has kept the name ever since.

The entire Crypt Keeper project was created, produced and sung by Tshepo. The recording was done at ‘The Project Studio’ in the small village of Kgabalatsane. Ever industrious, Tshepo tells how he had to create his own studio in order to be able to do his work.

“ I’m based at a village in the North West, no decent recording studio for 65 Km. I had to create my own project studio to eliminate costs. Inspired by life, social issues, TV and a ton of music and movies, Tshepo’s songs are honest and real.

“What inspires me about South Africa are our unique and varied stories and cultures. Even though I rap mostly in English what I rap is totally different from anything that’s out there and can never be copied”.

Crypt Keeper’s rapping style is inspired by 2Pac, Nas, Cage, Eminem, Talib Kweli and Lupe Fiasco. It applies complex rhyme schemes, syncopation, clear enunciation, infused with humor. Tshepo’s Musical Style incorporates conscious rap with a commercial appeal, piano driven hip-hop tracks with a touch of pop rock influence.

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