ROMBE4T is making quite a name for himself in the house and techno music arena. His recipe for success simply consists of staying on top of your grind.

House music’s leading maestro has had an epic career in music thus far, receiving support from legendary figures like DJ ROOG, Lenny Fontana, JasP, Glen Honsborough, Jack Kandi, Rob Boskamp, Cedric Gervais, Sound Fausto, Brisk, Mike La Funk and Vanilla Ace.

‘ROMBE4T’ lets loose a phat house meets garage sound with his pumping electronic wall of sound dance cut ‘Rock To The Rhythm’  – CityBeats UK

ROMBE4T’S renaissance effect over house music continues to take flight with the release of Rock To The Rhythm.

ROMBE4T creates another scrumptious serving with this festive offering. His latest single is graciously intoxicating with its heavy beat and bass drum, which are sure to keep you moving from one experience to the next. ROMBE4T is able to incorporate elements of garage and deep house music into this flavourful journey that turns into an enthralling fusion of sound.

Rock To The Rhythm totes a brilliant composition structure that features exceptional drum programming and percussion that keeps us on the edge of his seats.

Expect nothing less than perfection from ROMBE4T and his new release.

ROMBE4T - Rock To The Rhythm Cover


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