Rita Ora "I'll never let you down" song coming soon
Rita Ora “I’ll never let you down” song coming soon

Early this morning Rita Ora tweeted the cover for her upcoming single, I Will Never Let You Down.


Here’s the remix ft James Logan with Calvin Harris on Soundcloud

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Just now, she has unveilved a behind the scenes, sneak peak of the video for the track on Vevo:

#VEVOPremiere and more coming soon..

Here’s the words of the mix featuring James Logan with Rita Ora

Written/Produced/Performed/Live Instruments by James Logan

Graphic Design by WilOtt.com
when your hearts had all it wants to take
when you’re sleeping in instead of starting the day
and the night tries to out weigh
but we don’t cry about pain

when you’ve finally found the words to say
and you’re rightly proud of the noise you made
when the echo back begins to fade
does it die or will it faintly remain

when you shine as bright as you’ll permit
but they turn their heads to the light you lit
when you know you gave more than you’ll get
oh you’ll learn you’ve burned them more than they’ll admit

when you’ve tried it all and you’ve been beat
and you must exchange some body heat
when you say you’ve had enough
and you might just give it up
at those times i’ll be all you need i swear

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