Professor Green discusses sexism in the media and the decriminalisation of drugs with BUILD in London.
Professor Green on sexism and pictures of women on his Instagram:
“It’s 2016 and I’m not to allowed to have female friends that I don’t sleep with? Is that not a little bit sexist?”
“To suggest that any girl I’m pictured with is having sex with me? I think there’ something wrong in that. I have a lot of female friends and they’re all gorgeous in their own way but it doesn’t mean that I’m with every single one.”
“God can you imagine? That would be one hell of a juggling act!”
On Kanye West and rap’s place in politics:
“I think you can be political without being politicised. A lot of people would rather not hear about what’s going on. [Rap] plays a part in politics because it spreads the message about what’s going on.”
On Professor Green’s new BBC Three documentary investigating the truth behind Cannabis and the legalization of Marijuana:
“House robberies will go up and I think people will end up selling harder drugs.”
“It’s a mirky business. It’s a certain type of person that’s campaigning for it to be legalised, hedge funders and entrepreneurs. They keep using this line about how it’s all about getting medicine to the patients. If you have a criminal record you won’t be able to get a license to sell weed.”

“People shouldn’t be naive in thinking if they’re selling weed illegally now that if it’s made legal they’ll just be able to carry on as they are. People are going to be undercut and that will change the whole dynamic of what crime is in this country.”
On the real meaning behind his new single One Eye On The Door:
“I spent a lot of time with my publicist as we did a lot of press. I was single for the larger part of that time and I’d always talk to her about who I was seeing at the time.”
“I’d say ‘it’s serious with this one’ and she’d say ‘You’ve still got one eye on the door’ and I said, ‘I’m gonna put that in a song one day.'”


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