With modern music often sharing similar sounds and inspirations, it can be exceptionally refreshing to have a slightly different approach from time to time. This is where PRADO’s sound is something irrefutably welcome, with a unique appeal thanks to her heritage and inspirations that ensures every one of her songs is just a little bit different from what we’re used to!

PRADO’s main inspirations have come from Cuban musical icons, something that creates an excellent sound that’s got a unique and upbeat quirk to it! However, it’s important to consider here that PRADO has still managed to seamlessly blend this with numerous other exceptional styles, creating a unique sound that’s simply wonderful. And, while everyone has their own unique taste in music, it’s irrefutable that this catchy new style is certainly enough to get most people bopping along.

With strong Cuban influences, seamlessly integrated with more well-known English styles, it’s safe to say that PRADO’s music is taking her places! After all, this is only the start of her career in the music industry, and with her first song being such a big hit already, it seems irrefutable that she’ll continue to reach great heights! Plus, with her singles expertly combining pop and RnB in a melodic and captivating way, it doesn’t matter what your normal preferences might be – you’ll still have a good chance of getting on board with this great new sound. We wish PRADO all the best with her first single, They Made You For Me, and her future work, and can’t wait to see what she produces in the future too.