Have ever heeded of the idiom, “Music Creates New Boundaries”? If you didn’t then fortunate you as we will be embarking on this question but will be reviewing it in terms of the new upcoming blasting artist “Olivia Rees”.

Characterizing Olivia is like simply illustrating a Diva who is prepared to exhibit the world who’s the boss here with music that will be engraved in your disposition by only hearing once. Amazing right? Indeed.

This musical talent is not only intriguing but also an inspirational figure for those who forfeit the wish to live. By sharing her experience in terms of the heartfelt lyric’s and sentimental melodies, People find themselves in solace of her songs and disparity seems as if it didn’t exist anymore.

Talent is Olivia who at the opaquest of times based the medium of diverting her disparity and depression into everlasting willing to dwell through the power of music.

Despite being a victim of abuse, this supernatural being used her musical power to procure a dearest message to those soulful hearts that conveyed the same story as her questioning them “Really! are you going to let the pain to commence through your body eating you entirely or take the initiative of rising up from the dessert full of sand to the shadow of palm trees that will forever warm your heart and soul?” and the people retorted yes! We want the warmness to be etched in our spirits.

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Versatility unleashes the best in man. With songs like “Leave it Alone “along with veritable party tracks, like “Sugar and Spice”, boredom will be the final word on your dictionary as you will always have that playlist with songs you could groove on. Variety is the second name for Olivia, the songs of whom are R&B influenced melodies with a pinch of hip-hop reference stemming in the emergence of new genres different from other artists alluring the audience around the world.

It is said that Collaboration that feast that assists you attain one in all. Indeed, a reflective opinion as what can be decent than your two favourite artists in one song charming you twice and astounding you double as well. Collaborating with other renowned and insanely talented artists like “L.A. rapper Mr. D.M.A., as well as his brother Eddy Roze (sons of Gilbert Rozon, founder of acclaimed Canadian series “Just for Laughs”) shows that carving Olivia Rees your ultimate bias can implies nothing than fresh lit beats, sentimental melodies, majestic harmonies for you to enjoy almost every day.

For Olivia, Language means nothing when the music prevails, evident from the evidence that she resided in countries like “London, UK and even Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Toronto” and her music being extensively imparting the cultures ensuing in pleasing musical tones that are soothing to here. We are certain that today you have become a hardcore admirer of Olivia and wish that you will proceed to adore and support her in the future.




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