Nick Raym is a DJ/Producer born and raised in Milan, Italy.

During his teens in Milan Nick discovered and explored music and different ways to communicate by learning how to play the piano and guitar, later switching to a more electronic approach.

The electronic direction allowed him to start producing his own music and achieved an award at London point Blank Music School.

While based in London Nick Raym developed a love for UK Garage and his first track Ibiza was heavily influenced by this. Nick has used his music in the past to rebel and fight against Nazi-Fascist friends, teachers and history text books.

Returning on Ableton, Nick Raym began to experiment with new sounds and produced the main sound and vision of “Gone In A Vibe’ his brand new single.

The new single is exceptionally modern, forward thinking and opens itself to a wider range of genre and audience than his previous very niche single ‘Ibiza’.

In the meantime, during the final stages of ‘Gone In A Vibe’, ‘Ibiza’ was published by the big Soundcloud page ‘The Groove Dealer’ to 80k followers on their Soundcloud page.

The new single from Nick Raym is called ‘Gone In A Vibe’ and is out on 22 May 2017 with distribution from Universal Music Operations.

Nick Raym Online:

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