After playing guitar in bands as a student, Sevenski’s music was unleashed by working with producers in digital studios and now launches a single with 5 club mixes from his own studio.

Highres_logo_sevenskiSevenski is a dance music producer of Russian descent, who was raised in Hampshire and now has his own studio in Essex which gives him quick access to London’s mastering studios and clubs.


With a passion for a strong melody, Sevenski’s influences range from film soundtracks to various dance genres, producers like Paul Van Dyke and Ferry Corsten‘s remix of Barbers Adagio For Strings. Axwell, Alesso, Ingrosso, Hardwell, Arty, deadmau5 and Above & Beyond.

Comparing the process of creating dance music to playing his material on stage with a band, Sevenski says: “I discovered that apart from some essential technical detail it’s down to personal self-expression….a bit like an artist with a colour palette”.


As a student, Sevenski played in live bands before he developed an obsession with Virus synths and computer digital audio workstations (DAW) and proceeded to set up his own production studio.

Sevenski says: “I’ve learned a great deal from working with other producers both technically and creatively and Interacting and recording with live vocalists and writing songs have added further to the experience, fun and creativity. For me a great vocal and top line often inspires a great tune and capturing genuine expression and feeling is my ultimate goal”. 

Up and coming DJs The Flash Brothers have already got behind Sevenski’s work and he is enjoying great reactions in UK’s Clubs.

The brand new single “Take a Breath” is out on Elliptic Records on 11 August 2014 and includes 5 Club mixes.


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