Lily Allen has fond memories of her hand-me-down ‘warehouse rave sneakers’.

The 29-year-old Sheezus singer is now mother to two young children with her husband Sam Cooper.

Lily is glad her tykes have a sibling to look after, as she put her sister’s old clothes to good use back in the day.

‘I have an older sister so I had her hand-me-down dresses, and I always just like sneakers when I was a teenager. Like for warehouse raves. You can’t have heels in that situation,’ she shared in an interview with V magazine.

Lily, whose little brother is Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen, admits she is very influenced by her siblings.

The songstress appreciates how her relatives have impacted her personal style and musical tastes.

‘The two are intertwined for everyone. Style and music have always gone hand in hand. But in my case, I’m not really into one specific type of music, so maybe that’s why I dress completely different all the time,’ she explained.

Lily released her single Hard Out Here in November of last year and the accompanying music video turned a lot of heads.

But she says the idea for the promo actually derived from a joke.

‘That video was referencing a whole load of other videos. That was a riff on that Robin Thicke video, the one that had the balloons that said he had a big d**k. The director thought it would be funny if we got the same balloons and said that I had a big d**k. But I said, ‘Hmm that’s not really funny. Let’s say I have a baggy p***y.’ And he just looked at me like I had 10 heads,’ Lily laughed.

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