JustTizze a.k.a Tiziano Parducci was born and raised in a small village of around 200 people in Tuscany, Italy 20 years ago,

He grew up in a rural environment, where they cut their own wood to stay warm during the winter and almost every household produced their own wine and olive oil every year.

Tiziano’s father used to play as a keyboardist in a band and encouraged Tiziano to take piano lessons from the age of 3 to 13 years old. He says “  I saw all the other boys at my school doing other kind of activities, while I had to practice classical music daily for at least 1 hour, but I’m incredibly grateful for it now, as it helped me have some musical theory well ingrained in my brain”.

During his teenage years he attended a chemistry school and was influenced by Old School pop like Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson who were the soundtrack to his life at the time.

After graduating at the age of 17, Tiziano moved to London where he started playing and singing at open mic sessions around the city.

Tiziano then produced and recorded his debut single ‘ Highlight’  at his own studio flat in Islington.

HighLlight Cover1500

The single ‘Highlight’ is now available here: https://justtizze.bandcamp.com/releases

Talking about the new single Tiziano says “ It was originally meant to be written over someone else’s track, but we had some ego issues over there, so I kept some of the vocals, and re-produced the song around them, which gives it an all-around homogeneity I’ve never had with any other songs. As soon as it was ready I knew that it had to be released right then, in order for it to stand a chance. We’ll shoot the music video next month, and it should be ready in time for the summer”.

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