Julian Knoxx has announced the release of his latest hit single, titled ‘Line,’ and this talented electronic producer, music artist, and DJ have not spared anything in ensuring that it is of the highest quality. 

His music draws influence from legendary artists like Martin Garrix, and Knoxx will most times refer to him as his number one inspiration ever since he started his musical journey.

With lush soundscapes and an electronic anthem that showcases his wealth of skills, Knoxx has shown us that his potential is a force to reckon with on tomorrow’s electronic music scene.

Julian Knoxx had an early start on his musical journey, and he has always been fascinated by music. He sharpened his interest in playing the instruments by receiving a professional keyboard and piano lesson before joining a band, where he played the percussion and keyboard.

His new single ‘line,’ which is almost a 4-minute track, is a perfect combination of future house, tech house, and bass house elements; throughout the multiple layers of a musical symphony.

From the moment that Julian Knoxx discovered his music idol, Martin Garrix, his interest in electronic dance music became more intense. Right after that, he began to work on creating his own music, and we can tell that he’s already succeeding at it, with one of his songs “Never Let Me Go” being added to Spotify’s playlist Friday Cratediggers.

Knoxx also took up the role of a DJ for a while, entertaining people every way he could, yet still found time to invest in his musical career. You really can tell that he lives to keep his growing fans very entertained, and he’s passionate about what he does.

Indeed, the new single ‘Line’ features hypnotic progressions, beats, and drops, but that’s what makes us love it all the more.

Knoxx is a promising electronic artist that would always be relevant on the scene for years to come, and his new single ‘Line’ is already a vivid proof.