Joe Lion hails from the town of Basingstoke in the UK. Although passionate about writing music from an early age he’s spent most of his Career so far as an artist and designer in the Video Games industry. Now living in Los Angeles he has created major levels for the Call of Duty franchise, but is taking some time to revive that passion for music again.

He says ” I met Sidewinder while working in Los Angeles and I loved what I heard from his musical and vocal talents. I knew I had to do something with him but hadn’t communicated with him for some time when I came across his Tick Back track through social media. I got in touch straight away and demanded to do a remix! So glad I did as I think we made something good and a bit dark”.

Sidewinder says “I wrote “TIC BACK TIME Bomb” after the shootings that are happening in American schools. I held on to them. I asked myself why? Can I identify with these characters? I want attention, I want my spotlight, but I want the world to be happy. I could never come to the conclusion, in my frustration, to murder. That’s not the character in the song TIC BACK TIME Bomb. I wanted to release in hopes others can find positive outlets for their anger”.