Tell us about your new single ‘Stress’, What is it about ? and why have you taken a brand new direction with your music ?

“Stress” is about being in a toxic relationship and finally coming to terms with the fact you gotta get out. It’s about a relationship that’s one sided. Where your working harder than your partner to maintain the love, and you feel stuck. I’ve definitely been there. I don’t think I’ve completely changed my sound, I’m just building on top of it. I’ve taken a lot of time over the past few months to work with the pop/rock teams in Nashville and my mind is just opening up musically. I will still release some classic Icy sounding songs, but for my first release in awhile, with a new team, I wanted to come out with something undeniable that shows more of me.

Tell us about your previous music releases and the success you gained from them ?

I started seeing a lot of success with 2 songs out. Every major label was trying to get involved. The first couple songs I dropped are Icy Classics I freestyled them, and made them really quickly. I found the world was magnified to my personality and energy. Now, I’m personally upping the bar for all my songs. Instead of 20 minute studio sessions. I now spend a lot more time in the studio crafting each and every song. I want nothing more than to give my fans new music and inspire. I have the platform to do that now after the fast success I had.

Who are your main musical influences ?

xxxtentacion, Kid Cudi, Journey, Kayne West, Lil Uzi Vert, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Janes Addiction, Paramore so much more.

Where did you get the name ‘Icy Narco’ from?

My original name was going to something completely different, but people kept calling me, “Icy” cause I’ve always been that kid that just stands out in the crowd, you know. Always been heavy into fashion. I bring the party out in people…I’m sneaky.

The other half “Narco” is influenced by the famous narcos that became a huge part of the worlds history. Back in the day I had a family member who was a runner for Pablo Escobar before getting busted and not saying a word. Now he runs a dispensary and family farms that caters to medial research. I find the narco world crazy, some of these guys were masterminds.

Do you also work with other up and coming musicians?

All of the time. Expect collaborations with everyones favorite Florida underground artists plus all over the world. Not only that. My business partner and I are always looking for new producers, writers and songwriters to collaborate with and join our collective we’ve building…we’re building a strong network. We have big news coming soon that I can’t really discuss at this moment involving up and coming artists.

What are your career goals and ambitions with your music and where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Musically I want to put out the best music I can for my fans and to introduce myself to new fans. I going to keep exploring with sounds and vibes. I’ll still release the classic Icy sound, but at the end of the day its about evolving and taking risks.

In five years from, I want to have artists and producers signed to me. I want to have launched my own clothing brand (fashion is a huge part of my life), weed strains, hair products, global tours lined up. In 5 years want to be in a position where I can make others careers pop and dreams to come true. My team and are on a mission to build something really special it’s a very exciting time.

Describe your creative process when you write new music ?

That’s a big question, First of all, I always have an idea. Then I go through tracks, I work with several producers. Collaborating is key. I’ll get beats from platinum producers, or young kids on the come up (that is very important, always listen to what the next generation is going) and I’ll sit with my engineer and free style and piece together the vocals that I like, and have a song. That’s what I did on “Link”.

If I’m with the team in Nashville myself or Mo (Mo Brown) will start free styling melodies on a track or an idea Zach (Zach Seabolt) started and we go off. Mo is a specialist at big hooks, We collaborate I put my vibe on some of the melodies, and we just go full speed. It’s usually a really fast process the first day, and then we come back to it and perfect it.

Who would be your ideal musician or band to collaborate with and why?

I would have to say Travis Barker. We met years ago and I think I would be fun, I love what he’s doing!

Where can we find you online ?