Marina and the Diamonds: ‘I wasn’t allowed to change’

Quirky songstress Marina Diamandis has admitted that she felt cornered when working on her sophomore record because it seemed as though she wasn’t able to experiment with her sound without alienating her fan base.

During an interview with Drowned In Sound, the Marina and the Diamonds beauty explained that ‘Electra Heart’ was a difficult album for her to make because she wanted it to be very pop-oriented, but felt like she “wasn’t allowed to change” from the style she had become known for:

“I think that I wasn’t allowed to change and that deep down I wanted to write a pop album and to be a popstar. For some reason, I felt like people wouldn’t allow me to do that, which is stupid because I love the album.”

Talking about the repercussions of change in the music industry as an established artist, she added: “So I should have just never said anything and accepted that some people would have said, ‘She’s not credible anymore’, and that some people would start to be a fan of me, because that’s what always happens when you change your music.”

This story appeared some time ago on Pressparty

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