Generation Distortion is the latest EP from MC Tempo.

The famed former drug dealing atheist turned Christian rap artist, MC Tempo, is back with this 5 track EP titled ‘Generation Distortion’.

Worlds apart from his previous worship rap EP ‘Warcry‘, it is fair to say that ‘Generation Distortion‘ takes the listener on an abstract journey through the mindset of a modern teenager living in the midst of a distorted generation.

Renowned for his 24 hour freestyle rap, MC Tempo holds no punches as he verbalises a number of controversial issues within youth culture. All 5 songs comment on a number of different issues within culture and is written through the eyes of a teenager. Social media, fake news, acceptance, sex, abortion and addictions are just some of the themes verbalised on this intriguing EP.


Going up in a broken home in England, MC Tempo (Mark Edwards) was expelled from 4 schools following the divorce of his parents and the death of his sister. He started to write aggressive rap songs to express the hurt he was feeling in his heart.

He later got in to drugs and into drug dealing to fund the habit. He found himself performing on the underground music scene from 15 years old. He later lost his hearing in his left ear whilst performing at an illegal rave event. Progressing on to staging illegal rave events, he met a Christian who took him to weareemmanuel church in Brighton, UK. It was here where he was prayed for in the name of Jesus and had his hearing miraculously restored. As a result of this, he became a Christian and his music naturally followed suit.


He has since released 7 albums, EPs and countless singles. He performs Worldwide and is renowned for his 24 hour freestyle rap (2002) and his unique, unpredictable,
high energy live shows.


His style is highly diverse, ranging from reflective Christian worship music to heavy hip-hop. He customises his live shows so the context, be that in a church or in a nightclub. Incorporating elements of freestyle, a mixture of rhyme patterns and flows
in his delivery, he has also been clocked rapping up to 180 words per minute.


Mc tempo - Generation distortion FRONT copy