Following a four year hiatus Welsh rockers Feeder return with a new LP accompanied with a sell out tour. Still sounding as relevant as ever, ‘All Bright Electric’ is classic old school Feeder and perhaps their heaviest record to date.
As 9pm approaches, Feeder take to the stage and kick off the set with new track ‘Another Day On Earth’. Next up they blare out comeback single ‘Universe Of Life’, which combines heavily distorted guitars and a melody which proves difficult to forget. With the amps seemingly on full blast, Feeder have the crowd’s attention.
Following the tragic loss of original drummer Jon Lee back in 2002, understandably the band demonstrated a softer and more sombre approach to their next few records. However tonight’s set is anything but. Packed with their trademark heavy sound and not an acoustic guitar in sight.
‘Feeling A Moment’, lead single from their Pushing The Senses LP achieves an instant connection with the fans as frontman Grant Nicholas is forced to up his vocals in order to be heard. The same can be said for the title track from the same record which follows.
For four minutes we are all taken back to 1997 as the band showcase ‘High’, taken from their grunge influenced record ‘Polythene’. ‘I’m going out for a while, so I can get high with my friends’ is sung by 1,500 fans. For the true fan, perhaps one of the most expressive lyrics Feeder have ever penned.
For a group whose history spans two decades and consequently has produced so many great tracks, Feeder have never sold the number of records that their talent deserves. But then again, who buys records these days?
We are then treated to two more brand new tracks; ‘Eskimo’ and ‘Paperweight’. Continuing with the new albums theme, Grant’s guitar pedals are in full use. They’ve hit overdrive. Yet with all the distortion and power chords, the vocals remain on point as Grant showcases his range. The volume increases further as the sound of ‘Insomnia’ blasts through The Roundhouse. It’s enough to keep anyone awake.


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