Hamburg’s self-proclaimed ‘NEON WAVE‘ expert“, the Producer and DJ Chris Flyke used the German lockdown to conjure up a great rollercoaster-ride through pop music history! The name of the long player sums it up: DIGITAL BUBBLEGUM combines the listening habits of the glory days of disco-pop with the spirit of time. After the wild opening („Digital Bubblegum“), Chris serves you a mixture of synth-orientated dance music („Tomorrow Fades Away“) and FunkPop („Big Bubble“ / „Anyone Awake“). You can’t ignore the influence of bands like Jamiroquai, Daft Punk and even Duran Duran („A Phantom Conversation“) and his distinctive vocals run like a red thread through this journey.

“I always wanted to combine the style of the decades with the sound of today and then I was influenced by the word „bubble“ in Katie Perry’s „Chained to the Rhythm“. First I created the song „Big Bubble“ and this mixture of funk and disco was something of a prototype! Soon, the lyrics of every song developed in a very personal direction and everything made a lot more sense than I originally thought! I realized how important it is for natural reasons, to move away from all the „online-madness“ and to stay with yourself and the people who surround you in real life!“ In the time before this project,

Chris produced a couple of other german and english artists but at some point he realized that he had to devote himself to his passion again so he put together a new band with Julian Neumann on guitar (Zoe Wees), Kai Weidle on drums (The Lion King Hamburg) and Björn Kröger on bass (Willow Parlow)! In addition, there are already many very original music videos, where you can get a great insight into the world of Chris Flyke and his band! In the current Video „Digital Bubblegum“, for example, Chris and his Band perform in space!