Zaxai’ is an independent artist and former NBC “The VoiceSeason 15 semi finalist.

Zaxai’ will be releasing 3 singles throughout the summer of 2020 and a full length album entitled “SON OF THE XROWN: Warrior” in November.

The first single will be released globally on JULY 17th and is entitled “Goodbye”.

When asked about the story behind the single, ‘Zaxai’  said:

It’s the other-side of a break up, where instead of wallowing in self pity, you stand up, move on and celebrate.

Zaxai _ The Band Date Night.

Delivering a sophisticated pop jewel with soaring emotional vocals that will touch you, ‘The Voice’ semi finalist ‘Zaxai’ releases the beautiful ‘Goodbye’ – Citybeats Uk

The next single will be entitled “I want you” is set to release August 20th.

It’s a summertime sexy song, all about finally saying the things you wanted to say to the person you’ve been dying to take home.


More about ‘Zaxai’ from NBC’s The Voice:

Zaxai is first generation Haitian-American and attributes his musical diversity to his father. Zaxai didn’t discover his voice until he was 12, and he picked up the guitar a few years later. In college, Zaxai toured with a gospel band and since graduating has been part of various other bands.

Currently, Zaxai can be found in Brooklyn as a part of Baku Palace’s house band, where he performs in a variety of languages and music genres, or performing in his own band, Date Night.





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