Dekmantel Records has announced the release of Makam’s new album ‘Than Sadet’.

Real name Guy Blanken, Makam’s album has simultaneously dropped with the release of a video for track ‘Mai Pen Rai’, directed by Dutch duo Mr. Boonstra and Bas van de Poel.

The record, described by Makam as “tropical emo mystic dance”, is named after a secluded Thailand beach in which Blanken wrote the sketches that formed the base of the album.

“It’s windy and the weather is always a bit worse compared to the rest of the isle. There are many cliffs and you can’t swim because the waves are too high. Four years ago I visited Than Sadet for the first time and I’ve been coming back ever since. At one point I decided to bring my studio equipment,” Blanken said.

“I tried to create an introspective album that does what the island did to me: it puts life into perspective.”

See the tracklist below.

1. Makam – Chihuahuas
2. Makam – When Light Gives You Hope
3. Makam – Buddha’s Bridge
4. Makam – Stray Dog
5. Makam – Resort Abandoned
6. Makam – Than Sadet
7. Makam – Makarbar
8. Makam – Mr Singh
9. Makam – Riding High
10. Makam – Mai Pen Rai
11. Makam – Seven Kings
12. Makam – Thunder Drums


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