Decadent Nations brand of high energy socio-political rock n’ roll has been quietly burning in the American underground music scene for years. Now the bands message is more relevant than ever.

Having released multiple albums to critical acclaim and touring coast to coast the band has found a new spark with a fresh lineup and a barn-burning Anti-Trump anthem ‘My Kind’.

With a new momentum the band is looking to take the mantle once worn by such acts as System of a Down or Rage Against the Machine. Decadent Nation is the new musical voice of resistance and the message has been heard loud and clear as the band have been filling venues on recent tours.

Whether it is their through-the-roof energy live performances or their meticulous musicianship DN’s blues based Alternative Rock sound is as infectiously catchy as it is powerful. The band is hard at work on new material to be released in 2017.

The line up consists of Colin LaVaute – Lead Singer/Guitar, Zack Blomberg – Drums, Devin Burrow – Lead Guitar, Cody Sprock – Bass and Jaeson Longday on guitar.

The brand new single ‘My Kind’ from Decadent nation was produced by Colin La Vaute  and recorded and Mixed by Jack Gue at A-1 Recordersis.

City Beats had a sit down with Colin from Decadent Nation

What would you say was your genre ?

High-energy, socio-political alternative rock.

What is your new single ‘My Kind’ about ?

I began noticing the normalization of xenophobic hatred last year as Trump campaigned. The song is an anthem meant to encourage people not to be complacent in the face of it. We come from the heart of “Trump Country,” meaning that Missouri voted overwhelmingly for him. My Kind serves as a signal flare shot into the night sky, letting all who see it know that even in the reddest of states there are those who resist American Fascism.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time ?

Hard to say! I’m still just trying to take everything day by day.

Do you have a specific songwriting formula ?

I’m always writing music in my head. A lot of times, a riff will come to me and I’ll pull my phone out and record the melody with my mouth guitar. If you heard the recordings of how a lot of our songs started, you’d laugh. My mouth guitar sounds ridiculous. Sometimes, I’ll have it all written out and arranged before I bring it to the band. But more often than not, the best bits will come about after I bounce ideas off of the guys and we start playing it. One section leads into writing another, and so forth.

Do you guys practice often ?

We rehearse a minimum of once a week, for four hours… does anyone really care about this ?

Do you ever play any covers ?


What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs ?

We are very much a socio-political band, but at the same time I try to make sure my lyrics aren’t so didactic as to push to explicit of an agenda that it alienates people. For instance with this new song we are working on is inspired by trying to understand those who I disagree with politically, but the lyrics could be about bridging a gap between lovers. We want people to take their own messages away from our tunes.

What are the 5 things you can’t live without ?

Coffee, Ganja, Music, My Wife, My little Girl

Check out Decadent Nation online:

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