Hailing from Los Angeles, emerging DJ & producer Goldbrg has made a solid impression with his debut cut, ‘Feel This Good’ – delivering an infectious slice of vocal dance music.

Electronic artist, Goldbrg has quickly amassed an impressive fan base following his recent hyped quarantine DJ sets.

Goldbrg - Press Image 3

Engaging audiences across the globe with his infectious persona & feel good beats.

Building on the buzz, Goldbrg has recently gone onto release his debut single, entitled – ‘Feel This Good’.

The cut features an infectious vocal hook & catchy drop, accompanied by a groove-filled bassline that’s sure to fire up (bedroom) dance-floors worldwide.


An exceptional & rare find for a debut release to be this polished & thought out – we’re excited to see what comes next from talented newcomer Goldbrg.

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He’s definitely one to watch – stay tuned!


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