‘Songwriter and rapper KahMenCents P2DaJ knows how to create a perfect vibe with his ability in the hip hop music.

This 32 year old rapper born in Killen, Texas, and residing in Dallas is showing the music industry that is time for a new authentic high energy sound that can only be called the future of down South music genre. That time is arrived and brings his name.

KahMenCents P2Daj’s latest release reveals the interesting creation of a sound that is powerful but well balanced with the conscious flux of rap particles.

This is the kind of artist you’ll love to listen if you are willing to discover a combination between Pimp C and Future Shy Glizzy. His music transports you to another dimension of hip hop. This debut single brings out the Texas swag of old combined with the new age lingo to create a new Texas drip. 


CITYBEATS HIP-HOP ON FIRE IN 2020: ‘KahMenCents P2DaJ’ drops an everlasting flow as he spits efficient bars on fast moving hip-hop hit ‘I Got it Made’

KahMenCents P2DaJ is on all digital stores and we’ll for sure keep hearing from him in the near future. It seems this upcoming Texas rapper is artistically ready to show the best of his music to this world.







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