KusmaniaIn A Coma is the quirky, new release from Exeter, Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, Kusmania is acomedic musical journey inside the mind of a coma patient.’ 

Taking musical influence from the likes of Tenacious D, The Lonely Island, and Weird Al, this album is sure to be nothing like you have listened to before. 

The comedic collection of works is designed to be listened to from start to finish in one sitting, much like an audio story experience.

Topics ranging from farting to homelessness, to hunger pains, this playful depiction of the strange events inside the mind of a Coma patient will certainly leave you entertained during the 30 minutes that you are experiencing the unique EP.


CITYBEATS GRAND AUDIO PRODUCTIONS OF 2020: Is ‘Kusmania – In a Coma’  the new ‘The Wall’ of 2020 ? . The ironically true and bold audio satire of the mad modern world ? Get Listening and make your choice for the future now –  Citybeats UK

The album is available on all digital streaming platforms!



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