Revered French artist, AstroVoyager (real name Philippe Fagnoni) touches back down with his highly anticipated release – ‘We Can Change Our Way’.

_Cover_ AstroVoyager - We Can Change our Way

Channelling a deep fascination with the space & time continuum – his sound is heavily influenced by the electro explosion of the 80s. Continuing the theme on trend, he once again invites us aboard his spatiotemporal capsule on a journey – exploring the infinite soundscapes of his electro-symphonic music universe.


Nominated at the 16th Independent Music Awards in New York for his previous Architect EP, this new extended player also signals a fitting conclusion to AstroVoyager’s Big Bang artist album – a crossover project between himself & the Prague Concert Philharmonic and released on his own CosmXPloreR imprint.

‘We Can Change Our Way’ is a euphoric yet rhythmic track & one that is full of hope – during these challenging times. With an EDM/Trance rhythm bringing together the voices of French singers Taïga & Jean-Paul Florès, fused seamlessly with strings of the orchestra & lead piano performed by AstroVoyager – the record invites us to communicate & share, as we transform into a new future.

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On remix duties, AstroVoyager welcomes Charlie Atom – a multi-instrumentalist & electronic dance music producer from Mexico. Charlie traverses across multiple genres & creates his own unique blend of electronica.

Internationally renowned for his catchy melodies & captivating melodic structures, Charlie Atom delivers his own narrative on ‘We Can Change Our Way’ – whilst still staying true to the original.


Set for a host of support in the weeks ahead, join AstroVoyager on his latest cosmic journey.

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