Creatively venturing into territories once explored by the likes of Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim, Ed Golfo delivers a mighty summer anthem of satisfying artistic brilliance with this single.

One of the strongest traits of the song Mistakes is detectable very early on. While the track would work fine without it, thanks to professional and decidedly passionate production, that central riff is a huge part of what takes the whole thing from good to great. And it’s such a seemingly simple thing.

What is it that makes a great riff great? There’s a kind of call and response here, a descending melody, just a couple of notes in each phrase, then on the third go there’s a stylish little bend that draws you to think of live performance.

And this simple, happy tune repeats on top of the beat, in between vocal fragments – giving the song a sort of lyric-free hook or signature. You know it as soon as you hear it, it makes you want to move, it lifts the weight of the world, and these are the calling cards of a great track.

mistakes cover_2

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Elsewhere we get a surprising amount of vocals on this release, a choir of voices blending robotic effects with a more clean-cut presentation, creating a sense of unity, oneness, that again begs for you to witness it in a live setting.

Brilliant, a great track that’s easily worthy of a broader audience – and a few remixes to cater to the various sub-genres of EDM. I look forward to a longer playlist from Ed Golfo.


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