The debut single ‘I Love Me’ from ‘Charli’ is out now globally.

‘Charli’ reveals the story behind the music and her incredible melodic and soulful 80’s esque debut pop single ‘I Love Me’.


Charli I Love Me

Where did your name ‘Charli’ come from ?

When I was in France, everybody called me Charly Gee.

Were you always making music ?

I was this singer-songwriter, super creative and powerful who was hiding herself by collaborating with different people (96 records, The Ware, Jule Aston as Anoï Feard).

Are you still based in France ?

After fighting with myself to understand who I am, I realized that my dreams were somewhere else : in Los Angeles.

How has this influenced you and your music ?

​It’s a new beginning, a new adventure, a new chapter, I changed my name and I wrote about 30 songs.

My first track is “I LOVE ME“.

How has music influenced you as a human being ?

Music helped me to be the woman I am now.

Charli I Love Me artwork

Doing music and writing what I feel, and also writing what I want to be, helped me to overcome all the difficulties.


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What is your mission behind making and sharing your music ?

I want to help others to feel powerful and happy as I am now. Never forget that you deserve to be happy !


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