What inspired you to be a DJ ?

I realised I wanted to be a DJ and a music producer when i was 18. I was hospitalized in intensive care for 20 days and i was supposed to die every day. When I got out, I was suffering from PTSD and music was the only way i could really connect to everything, anything.

What sort of genres do you cover ?

I’ve been doing a lot of different styles over the years. I actually started with psytrance, but it was too hard at this time so i tried other genres. After a few years of hard work, i came back to psytrance and here I am!

Do you have any specific ambitions ?

I hope one day one of my songs will get in the top 100 billboard chart! But I think even then, I’ll keep working to make even better music.

Are you aiming for the very top or just like being a DJ and creating music ?

I’m not really looking to be the best, I honestly just hope that my music will bring positive vibes to people that listen to it. That’s all.

Has anything else helped or inspired you ?

I am extremely grateful to my mentor Daisaku IKEDA who has guided, and will continue to guide me through the rest of my life with his buddhist teachings! I would not be here without his precious encouragements and the chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

WGH artwork

So where can we catch you online ?

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram (that’s where i’m the most active) and you can also find information on my website. You can listen to my music on most streaming platforms. Some of my remixes will only be on YouTube/SoundCloud.

What would be your advice for people starting out in the music industry ?

Keep chasing the dream! You have to work, work more, work harder, work again. Hard work is the only way to achieve anything in life, and it’s especially true in the music industry.

A powerful new dance drop ‘We Go Higher’ – Citybeats UK


Instagram: https://instagram.com/amaurylacroixmusic/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/amaurylacroixmusic/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCudg9W-8rB3bmn52owaQYVg
SoundClourd: https://soundcloud.com/amaurylacroix
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4TkQ0KioK78VG0Knd0j4Go
Website: https://amaurylacroix.com/

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