Saika is a 24-year-old first generation Haitian-American female singer-songwriter, who conveys the humility of her Haitian roots with the street savvy from her childhood in Brooklyn, New York. Saika now lives in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.55.13In 2010, Saika says she wanted to learn how to, “express myself after having all these feelings bottled up inside me,” and recorded her first single in a studio, falling in love with the process.

Saika went to high school with her keyboard player Jonathan Williams who is also her manager. By watching Beyoncé and Michael Jackson she saw how live instrumentation brought songs to life and played live regularly with Jonathan at venues including Brooklyn College.

With siblings called Steven and Alexis, Saika didn’t like her unusual given name until she discovered Saika means a colourful flower. Then, she says, “I just grew into it.”

Saika’s latest single Chemical eX was inspired by an embarrassing moment when she saw an ex-boyfriend at a party a year after splitting up, drank too much and vomited on the dance floor.

Influenced by Disney, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson and she particularly admires Beyoncé. Saika says “I aspire to be an entertainer like Beyoncé. When I write my own songs, I try to channel the honesty and transparency of hip hop artists like Drake and J. Cole”.

Saika’s latest single Chemical eX was co-produced by Darnell “D.McCro” McCrorey and Don “Don V” Van Horn. Chemical eX will be released by McCro Music Group on Concordia Records with distribution via Universal Music Operations on 25th April 2016.

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