Trendsetta is a global music manager who works with numerous worldwide musical acts and artists including ZlittyZ and MCM Raymond who features on current trending single ‘Gucci Flip Flops’.

Social media influencer Trendsetta has just dropped the exciting new single with MCM Raymond entitled ‘Gucci Flip Flops’.

Launching his career at 17, Trendsetta hasn’t stopped growing and improving himself along the way.

The official Trendsetta Twitter, drthesetta, and Trendsetta Instagram account, trendsettalifestyle, have been growing at a phenomenal rate with fans tuning in across the globe.

Trendsetta has exploded to have more than 50K followers on social media with a very active and engaging follower base.

BEST NEW 2020 CITYBEATS: Addictive, catchy, sexy and hot with a dope infectious spit and beat, ‘Trendsetta’ joins MCM Raymond on the super fantastic bouncy new ‘Drake’ esque single ‘Gucci Flip Flops’ – Citybeats UK

Trendsetta started officially doing music in 2019, but his musical footprint has already included big names in the industry, including the artist ZlittyZ.

Trendsetta specialises in artist management and A&R recruitment but also drops global music collaborations, premieres and drops with many artists .

Trendsetta Clothing eShop

Trendsetta also runs his own distribution company and label, Trendsetta Records LLC leading to him creating his own clothing line and e-shop.

At Trendsetta Clothing you can buy a variety of T-shirts and branded merchandise.

Trendsetta is eager to share all of his creations and collaborations across the globe. Join and Follow him now.


Twitter: drthesetta

Instagram: trendsettalifestyle

Listen to “Gucci flip flops” on Spotify.

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