San Juan Bass is part of a genre called “San Juan Bass” and is the first single of an emerging force in international electronic music. San Juan Bass is distinguished for his memorable melodies, reggaetón inspired rhythms, and lively performances, this has already begun to turn heads in his local scene. and move on the brink of reaching a worldwide audience.

Soundkraft got his start in the music industry as a producer and ghost writer for some of the most prominent artists in Puerto Rico, including Ozuna, Hector El Father and Yomo. After a decade of cultivating his craft, he stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist in 2020 with the full length albums ‘DJ Friendly’ and ‘Frio.’ Now with San Juan Bass movement, he has been on a creative roll, releasing a steady stream of increasingly impressive singles and remixes with his friend Dj/producer K Perez.