Pittsburgh native and multi-instrumentalist Adam Rose announces the release of his brand new ambient psychedelic album from entitled “Levitate the Base”. He avoids categorization, simply playing what he loves, and his compositions show a wide variety of influences in which he has immersed himself.

These songs take on a trippy element at times that worshippers of late ’60s bands such as early Pink Floyd or King Crimson could enjoy from a pure psychedelic, progressive and experimental aspect. Followers of newer instrumental bands like Russian Circles can appreciate these songs, as well of fans of early Joe Satriani’s guitar driven instrumentals.

“Levitate the Base is a symbol of me overcoming tremendous pain to rise up and create an album I’m truly proud of. It is symbolic of taking all the shattered pieces of my life and forming one cohesive art form. The symbol also extends to my larger vision for humanity to rise up, and no longer be content with living lives of subservience, toil, and meaningless.”

You can stream “Levitate the Base” on Spotify here:


For more information on Adam Rose, please visit: http://www.adamroseproductions.com/

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